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Alexander ‘Solar Designer’ Peslyak

«Is infosec a game?» (

Main program

Jean-Philippe Aumasson

«Crypto coding v2» (pdf, 7532 KB)

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Nicolas Gregoire

«Hunting for top bounties» (

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Dmitry Nedospasov

«Chip reversing»

Marco Grassi

«Steroids for your App Security assessment» (pdf, 6709 KB)

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Patroklos Argyroudis

«Project Heapbleed» (pdf, 815 KB)

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Alexander Bolshev,
Gleb Cherbov,
Svetlana Cherkasova

«DTM components: shadow keys to the ICS kingdom» (pdf, 6641 KB)

Nikita Tarakanov

«The past, the present and the future of software exploitation techniques» (pptx, 835 KB)

Sergey Soldatov, Mikhail Egorov

«Non-cryptographic research of orthodox cryptographic media, or How we tested the security of key data storage on tokens…» (pptx, 467 KB)

Jake McGinty

«How to *really* piss off the surveillance state with your privacy tool»

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Alexey Osipov, Timur Yunusov, Kirill Nesterov

«4x4G: from SIM to GGSN»

Peter Hlavaty

«Racing with Droids» (pdf, 3057 KB)

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Dmitry Schelkunov,
Vasily Bukasov

«Deobfuscation and beyond» (pdf, 1043 KB)

René Freingruber 

«EMET 5.0 – armor or curtain?» (

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Dmitry Boomov

«De-anonymization and total espionage» (

Ivan Novikov

«Unexpected expected exception: think different about web-related vulnerabilities» (pdf, 39316 КБ)

Fabien Duchene

«Fuzzer of the state - evolutionary black-box fuzzing»

Peter Kamensky

«Hardware assisted virtualization in AV software» (

Pavel Zhovner

«Household RFID-based access tricks» (pptx, 13525 KB)

Roman Bazhin

«A pentester’s view of Oracle Database Communication Protocol, or Rude Oracle experiments» (pdf, 7220 KB)

Nikita Tarakanov

«Data-only PWNing Microsoft Windows kernel: exploitation of kernel pool overflows on Microsoft Windows 8.1» (pptx, 366 KB)


Boris Ivanov

«Computer forensic investigation of {mobile} banking Trojan» (pdf, 3122 KB)

Andrey Belenko

«iOS forensics with OpenSource tools» (pdf, 2664 KB)

Anton Kochkov, Boris Ryutin

«Using radare2 framework for reversing and debugging malware and firmware» (zip, 2575 KB)

Roman Korkikyan

«Deriving cryptographic keys via power consumption» (pdf, 2291 KB)

Fast Track

Victor Alyushin

«Unsafe factory settings and firmwares» (zip, 2071 KB)

Denis Makrushin, Stas Merzlyakov

«Parkomagic: substandard look on parking terminals» (pptx, 13586 KB)

Denis Kolegov, Oleg Broslavsky,
Nikita Oleksov

«Hidden timing channels based on HTTP caching headers» (zip, 2833 KB)

Eldar ‘kyprizel’ Zaitov

«Fast (and almost automatic) SSRF detection» (ppt, 327 KB)

Vlad ‘vos’ Roskov

«+22: reversing 64-bit binaries using Hex-Rays x86 Decompiler» (pptx, 8040 KB)

Artem Shishkin, Mark Ermolov

«Bypassing kernel patch guard on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10» (pdf, 406 KB)

Boris Ryutin

«Go in a virmaker production» (pptx, 2743 KB)

Dmitry Vyukov

«Kernel AddressSanitizer: searching for vulnerabilities in Linux kernel» (pptx, 91 KB)

Anton Cherepanov

«Roaming tiger» (pdf, 775 KB)

Defensive Track

Igor Bulatenko

«DPI as a means of access segregation in a corporate network» (ppt, 1331 KB)

Alexey Sintsov

«WAF in scale» (pptx, 1278 KB)

Karim Valiev

«SMM monitoring guarding the security of Internet services» (ppt, 553 KB)

Alexey Karyabkin, Pavel Kulikov

«Building a complex incoming mail analysis system based on OpenSource solutions» (pptx, 962 KB)

Denis Gorchakov, Nikolay Goncharov

«Preventing mobile malware in CSP’s network. Android honeypot for antifraud» (zip, 3752 KB)


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ZeroNights 2014 Closing Video

Speakers' feedback

I just want to say that the organization was perfect and you guys were extremely friendly and I had a really great time in here!

Thanks for everything and good luck also to you, I hope to come again to Moscow!

Marco Grassi

Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak at ZeroNights. This was definitely the best technical conference I attended so far!

It has been an honour to meet you and speak with your peers.

Fabien Duchene

ZeroNights people, it was a great event! The talks were of a very good quality and the participants had a great technical level. I'll try to be there next year too!

Patroklos Argyroudis

This was my first time at ZeroNights and first time in Russia as well, and enjoyed it very much. Some specific feedback:

* I appreciated the help and responsiveness of organizers prior to the event

* The location of the hotel was good: 3 min by foot from the conf venue and from a metro station

* It was not clear to me that most talks would be in Russian, maybe that could be made clearer for international attendees. That said, it was not a problem since the live translation was working

* At first I was a bit surprised by the schedule, with talks starting late and a lunch break in the afternoon, but I think that's actually a good idea: in typical conferences few people show up for the morning talks at 9h

* I would be interested in attending next year, and even more if it were in St-Petersburg rather than Moscow

Jean-Philippe Aumasson

Conference was pretty good, technical content this year was awesome, this year i think it keep touch with best technical conferences!

As for conference venue, it was great mainly track1 hall!

And i really enjoy zeronights wallpapers (cool images), but last years it was more published at twitter :P

And really cool bag, sweater and tshirts!

But this year i can not catch any zeronights badge which i could stick to my laptop :/

Peter Hlavaty

Everything was perfect, from the venue to the speakers lounge and the flying mike. And of course, great talks! Keep it that way, it was excellent.

Nicolas Gregoire

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