It is our tradition to conduct a hackquest before each conference, where we offer the contestants various tasks to complete (break web, reverse, analyze, write a binary exploit… practice, in all). The reward is a free conference pass and, since last year, a place in our hall of fame. Rules:

  • The quest lasts for 7 days, starts on October 1 at 8:00 PM and ends on October 8 at 8:00 PM (Moscow time)
  • One task for one day. Each task lasts for 24 hours
  • 7 tasks overall
  • First one to solve a task gets a free invite (7 invites overall)
  • Sometimes, we may ask a contestant to explain how they solved a task (please don’t try to cheat, we aim for honest and equal competition!)

This year, we may make an exception about task durations because some of them are quite large and complex, and may not be soluble in 24 hours (we may prolong a task to give you the time to finish it, while the next task will launch as planned).

The task order according to their types is as follows: 1 – Alighieri (reverse), 2 – Chip-in-the-middle (misc), 3 – InfectedTerminal (reverse), 4 – Yolochka (pentest), 5 – M-Nature (reverse), 6 – Kyrai (web, networking), 7 – Private bank haxing (misc).

Note that it is not a simple task-based CTF but rather a real hackquest with a really long task chain behind some objectives.

Participate here: http://hackquest.zeronights.org/

Good luck!

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