Python Arsenal Contest


There are plenty of bug bounty programmes now, where hackers are paid for finding vulnerabilities or patching software. There are also exploit contests. In the end, all of this is done for the vendor's benefit.

But the drive behind it is the hacker's prowess and tools.

This is a contest of tools which help solve complex RE tasks. We believe that the whole security community will benefit here because all of your plugins will be available to everyone for the sake of experience exchange.


  • Project/script/plugin/extension must use a library from the site (
  • New (never published before) or some major update for already known project/lib/plugin with some interesting new features.
  • Need description, requirements, installation guide.
  • Send to
  • Results announced at the ZeroNights conf (November 14, 2014).
  • Prizes: unique leet t-shirt & souvenir (personal badge of steel), Hall of Fame, stickers (we will be grateful for sponsorship support!). Multiple nominations to win.


  • Best exploit dev tool/plugin/lib
  • Best forensics tool/plugin/lib
  • Best reversing tool/plugin/lib
  • Best fuzzing tool/plugin/lib
  • Best malware analysis tool/plugin/lib


  • Aaron Portnoy (Exodus Intelligence)
  • Alexander Matrosov (Intel)
  • Dmitry 'D1g1' Evdokimov (Digital Security)
  • Halvar Flake (Google Inc.)
  • Justin Seitz (Immunity Inc.) 

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