Hardware Village

Rejoice, hardware and hacking device geeks: the open Hardware Village space will operate at ZeroNights again this year. At HWV, anyone can touch, use, or test any hardware they like as well as ask for usage tips and tricks. There will be workshops dedicated to the security of embedded systems and wireless networks.

For DIY enthusiasts, we will deliver an overview of modern hardware DIY based on these platforms:

  • Teensy 2.0, 3.1
  • Dragino V2
  • mbed LPC1786
  • Spark Code
  • Arduino (multiple versions)
  • Radxa Rock Pro
  • Raspberry Pi (B+)

Radio fans, SDR users, and wireless hackers will have the opportunity to practice with these devices:

  • HackRF
  • BladeRF
  • Ubertooth
  • Proxmark3

For embedded platform reverse engineers and everyone interested, we will demonstrate and teach working with this hacking hardware:

  • Facedancer
  • Die Datenkrake
  • Bus Pirate, Bus Blaster
  • JTAGulator
  • Papillio Pro FGPA
  • USB IR Toy
  • Open Workbench LogicSniffer

We’ve also planned contests with prizes for the winners:

  • Embedded system hacking
  • Stand up and Hack – mini talks by prior registration at the conference
  • HackDev – develop and present your own hacking device

There will also be a flea market at HW Village, where everyone can sell or exchange their devices by prior assignment.

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