Mini contests at Hardware Village

Especially for hacking device lovers, three contests are planned at the ZeroNights Hardware Village. With prizes, too:

1)       Embedded system hacking

This contest will go on during the entire conference. The first one to break a hacking device designed by the organizers will get this device as a gift. There will be several unique devices.

2)       Stand up and Hack – a mini talk contest

This contest encourages every aspiring researcher to deliver a public talk with no bureaucracy involved. During the entire conference, anyone who wishes to participate can post an application with their talk topic to a special whiteboard. Upon every third application, the workflow of HW Village will interrupt for a short time to deliver the mini talks. We promise to reward the best presenters.

3)       HackDev – develop and present your own hacking device

For people who stay up all night tinkering and assembling their hacking devices, this contest is the opportunity to bring their creations to light and present them ZeroNights-wide. Authors of the best devices are up for valuable prizes.

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