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The Hacker magazine is the most popular computer magazine in Russia. Made for people who are deeply interested in information security and IT in common, programming and building information systems. Every month: fresh software security flaws, best viruses and trojans, real life stories of computer attacks from a hacker's perspective, computer tips&tricks.

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Anti-Malware Test Lab is an independent international organization.  Our activities include testing information security software and sharing the results of our analyses with users and professionals. We are not controlled by or affiliated with any software vendors.

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PC World is a popular specialized magazine about the varied world of personal computers, communicators, smartphones, and their connection tools.

The magazine is designed for those who are passionate about IT, who want to purchase new equipment or use what they have to the maximum efficiency. Every issue contains multiple tests and reviews, case studies, analytical articles, and interviews. Our own testing laboratory constantly increases the array of tested products. Our readers do not dream about devices but buy them!

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BIS Journal — Information security for banks is a specialized industry title about the information security banks, financial organiizations, and payment system. This magazine is one of a kind in Russia.

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The Analytical Banking Magazine is a respectable monthly magazine published since 1995. Over the last several years the magazine has been recognized as the most professional and popular edition in Russian banking industry. The magazine’s subscribers include heads of banks, insurance, financial and investment companies, government, representatives of the legislative and executive authorities from Russia, the CIS, the Baltic states and foreign countries.

Information Security Magazine
  • Building an effective information security management system;
  • Providing business continuity;
  • Making feasibility study of implementing information security management systems;
The solutions to these challenges can be found in the Magazine by the heads of security agencies, information security departments, economic security agencies, IT and telecom departments, the heads of HR departments, chief financial officers.

Web portal DailyComm publishes up-to-date information concerning information technology, electronics, Internet and telecommunications. Our site provides information space for IT market players to publish their own materials and articles. Target audience - vendors' representatives, distributors, resellers, system integrators, developers, retailers, and IT specialists from other companies (banks, companies, etc.).

Site's coverage area — the territory of Russian Federation.

IT Manager is the go-to magazine for the leaders of IT companies in Russia. In this journal, IT managers share their experience of resolving technical and management tasks. Not only does this business title solve technical issues, but it also highlights the lifestyle and interests of CIOs.

IT News newspaper is a multimedia business title focused on IT.
The most important economic, financial, corporate, and political events related to the IT field activities.
The paper version of IT News invites the reader back into the familiar paper structure, which is divided into special areas by topic.
The most attention is paid to the events which can influence the business of companies.

PC WEEK/Russian Edition is a weekly IT newspaper. The newspaper covers leading technologies, news of the world and Russian computer markets of interest to corporate user. It is distributed free of charge to companies with more than 10 PCs.

Informational Agency 12NEWS is an agency of adequate news about automation management systems for present-day enterprises. There are both bad and good news about automation systems. Objectiveness is the main mission of 12NEWS and the most complicated as well. 12NEWS reveals to the reader the myth of ERP systems power and their business effectiveness by dint of thematic collatings, authentic ratings and visitors' participation, who can write a question to vendors and system implementators, say thank you or complain. We are filtrating ERP news and making them coloured!

Nullcon Goa — International Security Conference brings together CXOs, Security Researchers, IT Professionals and Senior Management in a collaborative environment to present and discuss issues relating to IT security. The conference would be attended by eminent representatives of the Information Security domain, leaders of large and small enterprises, senior Government officials, policy and decision makers from around the globe. See more at:

System Administrator magazine is a title which aims at providing the most complete and objective information about modern IT solutions, products, and technologies.
Issued since October 2002.
The main purpose of the title is to popularize the best creations of IT specialists from different countries. 90 % of the magazine articles are practical, supplied with examples, tables, graphics. The published data stays relevant for several years.
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